Our coffee is sourced from The FORGE coffee roasters in sheffield, This is what they say about their coffee's.


100% speciality grade Arabica coffee is an investment. We only source our green coffee from single farms and estates in the speciality coffee market, with our focus on quality, provenance, sustainability, freshness and fair relationships with the growers.

Guided by our green bean suppliers, experience and utilizing our Ikawa sample roaster, we profile our single origin beans to enhance and develop their individual characteristics and flavours. Each origin has its own unique growing conditions and processes which impart distinct nuances. We skilfully unlock these, creating an ever surprising, invigorating and truly remarkable taste experience.

We develop our signature espresso blends and single origin coffees in line with the growing seasons and the best harvests from each chosen country. When we find a coffee that we love, we involve our customers in the tasting and evaluation and only when it meets the highest standard, will it then be added to our portfolio.

The exact blend we have chosen to use is named BRIGHTSIDE, Below is the description,

Our Brightside Espresso Blend is smooth and full of character. For connoisseurs, expect to taste notes of milk chocolate, honey and candied orange with a fudge like finish. Perfectly at home in flat whites and cortados, the milk promotes the smooth, silky, sweet body of this coffee. As an espresso or black, there’s heaps of body, leaving you craving more.